With all his might
the bravest knigh
in eternal, cursed night,
fights an endless fight.

This game has been made for TWO BUTTONS JAM 2018 by one developer in seven days.

It was my first ever attempt to create a game with pixel-art and, at least in my opinion, it looks decent. I know it's not much currently, but I would like to make it more roguelike and, who knows, maybe, at some point, publish it as a full game on GOG or something...

This game is controlled with ONLY TWO BUTTONS (you can set them up in the main menu).

Currently there is only one level that you can play over and over again, I am sorry... I will implement shops and stuff (and procedurally generated maps) to make it more interesting and fun. Also,,, more enemies and projectile types coming soon :)


And, yeah... don't stop or you'll start from the beginning!

Install instructions

MidKnight: Jam Edition is the #2ButtonsJam version of the MidKnight. It's pretty much the same as the online version at the top of this page.

MidKnight: Technical Post-Jam Modification is the current stable technical build available for you to test. This is what we are currently working on and what will finally become a full version of MidKnight.


MidKnight: Technical Post-Jam Modification 25 MB
Version 1 Jan 13, 2019
MidKnight: Jam Edition 14 MB

Development log


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Hey stett...great job! Makes me realize I need to work harder on my own games. I love the atmosphere, how did you get the lights on the bricks to change? Very pretty.


I'm a big fan of the artwork and ambiance. Well done!

Thank you! It mans a lot to me as I am no artist really :)


Very nice! Good mood and promising gameplay. A few bugs that you still know about (when you touch the missiles you can be stuck on them), but on the overall that's a very solid jam game. Hope to see it updated and expanded, indeed!

Hey Feldo! Thanks for the info. I will work around it soon...
I am currently working on procedurally generated levels and first stable technical build of my attepts is out :) Try it out when you find some time!