PostJam 3 [V5] + Jam Reworked

So... There were issues with the game. Apparently it did not wanted to start at all (except the menu). In both cases I've updated the game:

Fullmetal:Prince - Jam Version is now a working version of the PizzaJam finished game.

Fullmetal:Prince - Updated Version has all updates made since PizzaJam ended.

Fullmetal:Prince - OG Jam Version is the version that did not worked properly. We don't talk about it.

That's it :)


Fullmetal:Prince - Jam Version 30 MB
Version 1 Mar 25, 2019
Fullmetal:Prince - Updated Version 30 MB
Version 5 Mar 24, 2019
Fullmetal:Prince - OG Jam Version [NOT WORKING] 33 MB
Mar 24, 2019

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