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Great Job!

I had an awesome time playing this game.

I made a little video on it (ツ)


Thank you very much! I love your reaction on the "Give Up" button :D
There is new game I am working on right now, a big one. You can check it out on :)

147. 147. omg my head HURTS 

So close... So close... :) 

I played 6 days ago and have been following since, I got 127 and then I just gave up and selected the wrong answer.

In few hours the voting ends and I will be able to update the game. It will be a small update with not so many changes to the basic mechanics and premise (I just rewrote the whole game's code). 

So... Yeah, I know it was almost half year ago but I am now working on a big project. If you want to check it out, there soon will start the Very Early Alpha of it :)
More info here: :)


When you get hired?

In the current version - never. 

Ok, thx

Come to France, we've got loads of those 'é'.


In Poland we have plenty of 'ę' but it didn't help at all :) I will come if my next project require some fancy letters, thanks!

is this for mac

Not at this point, sorry. This is Windows-only demo as I have no way of testing it on Macs or Linuxes.

Yeah this is pretty fund basedall on your memory my high is 28

Thank you for your feedback. Keep your eyes on this game as I will be releasing a full version in a few weeks :)

Just like real life. I'd like to see the full version :)

Real life indeed. Based (a little bit) on my own job-searching experiences :) 

its funny game hahahaaaa..... got trapped a few times but still a good game. one more question, when i got hired? 150?

may i publish the soundtrack too? the credit of yours (description about your soundcloud and this game)

I have no problems with you publishing soundtrack :) And the twist is **START-OF-SPOILER** you won't be hired, at least in the beta version **END-OF-SPOILER**. I will rework many things from this demo into a fully-fledged game after voting is over :)

thank you for the allowance :) will give more try after theres ending

OK, it's been few months but yeah, I would like to let you know that I am working on a new, big project and will be launching a Very Early Alpha version of it in about a week.

More info here: :)

sign up :D

cant wait for new game 

what is this game called? the game dev company? i dont really get it after reading the site

The game is called The Gamedev Company and, as the name suggests, is a simulation of gaming company. Kinda like Game Dev Tycoon that was an inspiration.

The 64 bit version just repeats the save four or five questions over and over. I got up to 120 correct answers and quit.

Well, that's pretty much it right now. Game made in 48 hours from scratch is, in my perspective, only a proof-of-concept demo - not a fully-fledged game :)
Thanks for feedback nonetheless!

Love the idea behind this - check out my playthrough @19:43 

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Thanks, Tom! This was created in 48 hours of Pizza Jam and I'm planning on expanding it as soon as voting finishes :) Thanks for the feedback!